Well..Hello There! You found this little weird place of pink.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself because you're here so you should know...

 I live in NYC, (BK All Day!) I like comics, high tops, making funny voices and dancing.  Seriously, I’ve been known to just break out into impromptu choreo for no reason, it’s a thing.

When you feeling yourself and the wind cooperates....

When you feeling yourself and the wind cooperates....

My favorite X-Man is Storm and I believe the Power Rangers helped shape my views on teamwork and sharing. The Macho Man Randy Savage is my spirit animal (sequins cloaks and rambling monologues? Here for it!) and I can't twerk in a split or own a Berkin but I'm still a good person!

Sometimes it seems like you ain't shit if you don't have a pair of red bottoms, can't contour like Kimmy Cakes or aren't being bankrolled by a hustler.   

But you are!

I am!

The Shit that is...erm, ok that was awkward.  You’re awesome!

I'm a Square with Curves.  Squares are out here doing what needs to be done in order to make themselves happy.  They're jumping over hurdles and overcoming almost insurmountable obstacles to find their happy place.  However, Squares can fall through the cracks when it comes to getting their shine and we need love too so I'll be using this platform to share with you. I welcome you to share with me as well.

If it's quirky, nerdy, artsy, creative, colorful lets get into it! Maybe it's not any of those things, maybe it's just you being you. Just like Sway, I don't have the answers! :) But I know we can have this space where we can share and hang out. 

So talk to me! Twitter, Instagram, tumblr. Shout me!

The season of the square is upon us