A Square is a woman who is getting it done by her own means with an unapologetic streak of staying true to herself.  Now, "getting it done" can mean a lot of things: going to school, going to work, paying your bills, taking care of your children, starting a new business, getting a divorce, leaving a terrible relationship, allowing a new (good) man to love you, balancing your budget, following your dreams, finding yourself.  A Square isn't waiting for anyone to fix her life, especially not a man.  A Square knows that she's in charge of her happy and she needs to constantly be vigilant in its care. 

Her sexuality is her own, her sensuality is subtle.  Because of her passions, she's been called : 








However, she isn't any of those things. She's proactive. She's creative and most importantly, she's strong.  She may not be in the club every weekend and she's packing her lunch because when she goes home;  she's grinding to make the money work so she can get herself to the next level.

So...embrace it, be a Square.  Be who YOU are, in the face of a world who would like nothing more than for you to believe that YOU are the problem. YOU are the weak one, YOU can't hack it.  

That's not the truth, the truth is you're one of the most dangerous people out here.  You're a woman. One with a goal and ambition. YOU are a problem.

Be YOU because there's only one.