Happy Halloween!!

Hello Ghouls and Gremlins!

What are you going as for All Hollow’s Eve?! Sexy Goblin? Sexy Pencil, Sexy Teapot?

I hear a lot of nonsense when it comes to women and their costumes. If a woman wants to wear a leotard and ears and call it a cat? Guess what? It’s a CAT! We gotta stop policing each other. It’s the one holiday you get to be someone completely different and you get to express yourself as you may not do any other time of the year. So you’ve been working hard on your body all summer? Show it off in Autumn! Never wear a stitch of make up? Make up an entire new face? GO HAM!

Feed Me!

Feed Me!

I love seeing the creative, funny, scary, disturbing, spot on, sexy, odd costumes people come up with. If you don’t like Halloween, that’s fine, stay home, watch Netflix and mind your business, lol Let others enjoy this holiday for what it is: A day to be whoever/whatever it is you want to be for the day.

I lost my mind a couple of years ago and got custom made fangs so I need to make this investment work! So if you see me around taking a nibble out of someone, keep it pushing, it’s just a scantily clad lady enjoying a snack.

Whatever you decide, do it to the max!