Little Luxuries...

Hi Squares!  How has your Summer been so far?!

I've been in full nesting mode this Summer and it's been great!  All I want to do is stay home and marinate in my cocoon.  I low key cannot wait for Winter.  This Winter is going to be LIT! I have so many snuggly quilts and recipes for ramens, stews and roasts.   Try to catch me outside if you can!

But because the last winter we had lasted 13 months, I've tried to take advantage of the warm weather and go outside as much as I can but it is REALLY hard. I've found myself being entertained by those mundane moments like going to the supermarket and getting ingredients for a new dish I want to try.   Going home and having all the burners going ; being a small tornado in the kitchen.  And when that recipe works?  And your taste buds sing? ...Bliss!

Being a new homeowner, I've had to be even more careful with my money. It seems like there is always something popping up that needs to be paid or a new bill.  So, I don't show up to things just because it's something to do.  If I attend an event, it is with every intention to be there.  I can no longer afford to go to a party/bar just to be in the mix.  I have better alcohol at home!  Which got me thinking...What are the little luxuries I have in my life? So, I'm in a listing mood!  I think you should try it too.  and Once you see it all written in front of you, you realize; just how good you've really got it.  
We had more proteins and booze but you get the idea

We had more proteins and booze but you get the idea

I'm grateful for the luxury of being able to have potluck brunches.  I've learned that I enjoy hosting my friends and all of us making magic in the kitchen.  We really did it up!  The retail price of the last brunch  was easily $350 plus tax and tip and I think each person put in about $40.  It wasn't shabby either! Rock shrimp, Ribeyes and strong ass Margaritas were on the menu.  Surf and Turf and bottomless drinks done right!  (mark up prices are insane amirite?)




Model Status....I'm selling you popping corn and OPULENCE!

Model Status....I'm selling you popping corn and OPULENCE!

One thing that has made me feel WEALTHY, honey: Truffle Salt. 

My goodness! The jar is on the pricey side but should last you a year and it tastes like money! If you like truffles, invest in some salt.  I've used it on popcorn and on pasta.  Versatility Betch! I've also been put on to Truffle Parmesan and Truffle Butter, I'll let you know how that goes but for now this Salt is enhancing my palate to celebrity status.  Well, that's what I feel like when I eat it. Rich and unbothered. 


$12 bottles of wine: you can do some good damage without making your wallet hemorrhage.

I have the luxury of going to eat at my mom's AND my dad's house.  That will never get old and I know I'm incredibly lucky to have that. 

I can take a bubble bath anytime I want!

I have the luxury of having friends who share those streaming service passwords (ya'll are the real heroes).  

I have the luxury of eating ice cream for dinner. (I'm an ADULT)

What are some little luxuries you enjoy?