Happy Anniversary!

The Tremendous Two's!

We're still here, we've been working on this relationship and it's going so well!  I can't believe it's been two years since I've launched SWC.  In those two years, I feel like I've grown in so many different ways.  I was scared and anxious, now I'm comfortable and enjoying myself.  

I've surrounded myself with people who want to make things happen.  It's so exciting to be around such kinetic energy all the time.  I feel stagnant less, because that's one of the things that gets me really down. Feeling stuck, makes me crazy. Even if I'm not moving as quickly as I want to, I'm still moving and that's half the battle right?  So I try to keep myself moving, be it physically, emotionally or just forward thinking.  Which brings me to the holiday of hearts...

Valentine's Day can be a source of anxiety for some people.  There seems to be a competition to get the biggest bouquet, the priciest chocolates, the iciest bling.  If you're single, it's the one day you're told to be on the sidelines, this day is for lovers. If you're in a relationship but your partner doesn't do it "by the book" then it's a failure.  All these things are untrue. V-day is for everyone and it's a day to show, give, and be love. 

Give some coffee kisses!

Give some coffee kisses!

V-day is a great day to share gestures of love and appreciation.  So do just that. Show love to those you want to.  It doesn't have to be grand, just genuine.  Text someone a nice message, buy someone a coffee, get a bag of Hersey's kisses and share them. Let's take this day to spread and share love. 

It's one of the reasons why I launched SWC.  I wanted it to be a space filled with love, joy and support. You have helped me do that this year and I want to thank you. 



So if you get them nowhere else, these are for you:
This is all I could afford. xoxoxo

This is all I could afford. xoxoxo

With tons of love,