Self Care for Your Life!

As you can see, I’ve been “treating myself” a lot lately. Tis the season amirite?

I’ve been trying to consciously care for myself more, especially around this time of year. Although it’s cheery and festive, it can be a bit somber as well. I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment; a lot of people are missing loved ones this holiday season and sometimes it seems like we’re supposed to mask that with tinsel and eggnog and just push through.

I may look like a mummy but Im look like a hot mami afterwards…

I may look like a mummy but Im look like a hot mami afterwards…

I agree with the “push through”. Forward movement is always key for us to really get what we want out of life, but the only masks we should be putting on are Korean Face ones for ultimate hydration.

For real, they are quite inexpensive and feel great. And allow you to be in the best position to get a little bit of your life together. As the magic happens on your face, I want you to sit with your feelings are really examine them. You can be sad if you miss family/friends that have passed on. Maybe you just got out of a relationship, it’s ok to miss your ex. Maybe you just lost your job…this sucks! And it’s ok to feel down about it. I want you to feel these feelings so you can be present. I promise you, the earlier you deal with them, the sooner you push passed them and come out the other side. So, if you prefer a little alone time during this social season, I’m going to share some things that I like to do for me, myself and I.

If you don’t know who she is, please watch this after your bubble bath,lol

If you don’t know who she is, please watch this after your bubble bath,lol

Take a bubble bath (say Bubble Bath the way the Hormone Monstress says it in Big Mouth, lol)

Fill the tub with your favorite scent of bubble bath. Bath bombs are nice too but this doesn’t have to break the bank, get some Mr. Bubble from the discount store, add a little Epsom salt and VOILA! Spa Soak! I like to set up my Spotify to some spa inspired music and bring the lights down. I don’t have a dimmer so I light candles. Talk about luxury. It’s a spa service for under $10.

Being wrapped up in something soft and comfortable is the ultimate for me. Get some jersey pjs or a satin/silk anything. I have lots of throws in my house and they are faux fur or chenille. and they all are lovely to roll around in. I feel opulent! And then I watch whatever Netflix is trying to offer.

Sold out world tours are hard you guys….

Sold out world tours are hard you guys….

Feeling antsy and don’t want to just marinate in bed? The body needs to move to get those endorphins pumping so I throw some tunes on and just go Apesh!t. Remember when you were younger and you would put on a concert in your bedroom? Well, I never stopped the tour so join me! Get in front of the mirror and put on the performance of a lifetime/ You feel sad, throw on a ballad and lip sync for your life. Slay the choreo and leave it all on the stage…(read: bedroom/shower/living room). My top hits are Celine, JLO, Beyonce, Britney, Queen, Mariah, Sade and BSB. You know… the hits. :)

Maybe you need to be out of the house…ok solo adventures it is! Treat yourself to a massage or a stretch class.

If you have some anger inside of you, why don’t you try a kickboxing class? We live in the age of the free or discounted trial, you can try anything and not play full price.

The ultimate comfort for me is food. I love treating myself to a good meal. We sometimes save returning to a really good spot we’ve eaten, to return with friends. Return by yourself! I love this Poke’ place on the Lower East Side, then dip over to my friend Watt’s (a fellow Square) bakery and give her all my money so I can sample all of her pies.

Self Care can take many shapes. The bottom line is that you need to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. If that means a bit of seclusion, the so be it. Don’t feel bad for declining invites to parties you don’t want to go to. Your time is very valuable and if it can be better spent making sure you’re OK, I see no better reason than to say “No Thank You, Next time….maybe”.

Take care of yourselves Squares! If you need me, I will be wrapped in fleece and faux fur, sipping on Coquito and self care the hell outta this season :)