Shoot Your Shot

If 2017 taught me anything, it's that ANYTHING is possible. 

2017 started with the inauguration of the 45th U.S. President and ended with a stripper following her dreams and making history.  2017 was a crazy year but it let me know that if you just have the courage/audacity to do something, it might just work out. 

You could live here after Oprah (fingers crossed)

You could live here after Oprah (fingers crossed)


There was such disbelief in the current President actually becoming President.  Even those who supported him were pleasantly surprised at the results.  I don't think he thought he would win either. But he believed in himself enough to put in the effort to run a campaign and show up places. 




Make your money girl, don't let it make you!

Make your money girl, don't let it make you!

It is said, "It takes 10 years to be an overnight success". Cardi B is the physical embodiment of this.  She has been working for many years without the help of Vh1's reality show "Love and Hip Hop: New York.  But once we saw that girl with the big boobs and crazy hair spin around and proclaim "Foreva!" it was a wrap!  Love her or hate her, Cardi is nothing but herself and shows no signs of changing that.  It's what makes her irresistible to watch.  She's that girl from the block that gets a gazillion dollars and we watch her spend it.  On top of that, she gets engaged to an equally successful rapper (let's see if they make it to the altar) breaks records on the Billboard charts and is Grammy nominated.  Everyone would like 2018 to treat them like 2017 treated Cardi. 

The two people I mention here are very different, but they have one thing in common: 


They shot their shot. 



They went out there and tried; they may have lost, failed and they definitely got laughed at but they kept at it. They believed in themselves. They simply did something that seemed outlandish or ridiculous or "out of their league" --  they still did it and it worked!

So what is stopping you?  It's You.  Stop getting in your own way with doubts and excuses of why it won't work.  Be of the mindset and attitude that it will and who knows, it might actually work out!  I'm not saying you can just think positively and success will simply manifest because you chanted "abundance" over your crystals 10 minutes a day.  You've got to put the work and hustle in.  You've got to WANT what you want.  I'm saying, believe that it will come to fruition because at this point in time: Anything is truly possible. 

I have a saying:  I expect anything from anyone.  I think everyone is capable of the unthinkable.

I usually say that in a negative connotation; something someone may do can surprise me but it won't shock me because I believe this action is already in their realm of capabilities. For example:  OMG! I can't believe Fulano did that to him, I would never think that of him".   I can, Fulano is very capable of doing anything if driven to.  I believe we are all like this. 

This year I am going to shift that perspective in a positive sense.  When someone tells me what they want to do, I will believe they can make it happen if they really want it. Even if my brain is telling me it won't work.  I want to shift my thinking to believe that if this success is for them, then it's for them and I should get ready to root them on. 

2017 was a weird year but it left me just a little bit wiser and optimistic.  So in the future you may see #shootyourshot around a lot and I hope you do!  Just go for it, you might be the next Cardi, hell you could be President!

#shootyourshot Squares!