I'm Black and I'm Proud

I must have been about 11 or 12 when I told my dad that I was really happy I was brown person because my cultures have such good foods, music, history and all around fun. it was a precocious thing to say but it was and still is my truth.  

I've always been quite comfortable in my skin and it now seems like a little bit of a rebellion to be this proud, which makes it kinda fun. I really enjoy the mixture of my cultures, the Dominican and the Bajan are rooted in blackness and I'm very ok with that. 

I visited the African American Museum of History and Culture again and it was just as good, if not better than the first time.  The second time around, I was able to digest a lot more because I knew what to expect.  Some of the imagery is still upsetting but being able to see the resilience of a people who have been systemically disenfranchised for centuries and still overcome everyday really puts things in perspective.  I encourage EVERYONE to visit this museum - black or not - you should see the history of this country from the perspective of those who were exploited for it to flourish into what it is today.  It's necessary to see what Africans, who then became African Americans endured to be able to make it to today. Not just physically, but emotionally as well; to see how we have taken the worst that could be done to humans and yet, have kept our humanity intact astounding to me.  When I saw these artifacts and the imagery of what life was like back then, I, at times, cannot help but think:

How lucky are people in this country, that POC only want equal rights and not revenge...

let that sink in. 

I'm proud everyday but I really enjoy my timelines being inundated with images of Black Excellence and if feels like the entire community is hyping each other up and I'm here for it.  The month has just started but JanetJacksonAppreciationDay on Twitter to the Black Panther anticipation, February is already Lit!

Below are some images from the museum I really enjoyed: 

Have you gone?  Let me know what you felt? What did you take away from your visit?